Doctoral Students

Shalini Jain

PhD, 2015-2023
Thesis: Reinforcement Learning based Compiler Optimizations for Size and Performance
Next: Qualcomm compilers team

Utpal Bora

M.Tech + PhD, 2014-2022
Thesis: Techniques for Static Detection of Data-Races in OpenMP Programs
Next: PostDoc at University of Cambridge, UK

Masters Students

Kuldeep Gautam

M.Tech RA, 2020-2023
Thesis: A Dataset for Code Comprehension and Experiments with Binary Similarity
Next: AIRA Matrix AI Team

Anilava Kundu

M.Tech RA, 2020-2023
Thesis: Engineering Aspects of Machine Learning in Compilers
Next: Imagination Technologies compilers team

Yashas Andaluri

B.Tech + M.Tech, 2017-2022
Thesis: Packet Processing Algorithm Identification using Program Embeddings
Next: Qualcomm compilers team

Gagandeep Goyal

M.Tech RA, 2019-2022
Thesis: Profile Guided Intelligent Compilers
Next: AMD compilers team

Shailendra Dilip Singh

M.Tech, 2019-2021
Thesis: Vectorization and Code-Summarization using IR2Vec
Next: Adobe

Rohit Aggarwal

M.Tech RA, 2018-2021
Thesis: Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Compilers and Programs
Next: AMD compilers team

Gayatri PK

M.S., 2015-2019
Thesis: GPU-Based Multi-Level Parallelization for Hines Solver and Some Related Problems
Next: Qualcomm compilers team

Rahul Utkoor

B.Tech + M.Tech, 2014-2019
Thesis: A Loop-level Analysis and Optimal Sub-sequence Mining
Next: Qualcomm compilers team

Anirudh Sundar Subramaniam

M.Tech, 2016-2018
Thesis: Optimization and parallelization of tensor and ODE/PDE computations on GPU
Next: Xilinx compilers team

Abhishek A Patwardhan

M.Tech RA, 2015-2018
Thesis: Polyhedral Compilation:Applications, Approximations and GPU-specific Optimizations
Next: Nvidia compilers team

Dangeti Tharun Kumar

M.Tech RA, 2015-2018
Thesis: Vectorization, Obfuscation and P4 LLVM Tool-chain
Next: AMD compilers team

Prateek Bhatu

B.Tech + M.Tech, 2012-2017
Thesis: A Study of Software Prefetching in LLVM
Next: AMD compilers team